Where does the name iguacu come from?

iguacu means “big water” and is also the name of a great river and a beautiful, huge waterfall in South America. Our name is our vision. Think of each of us as a drop of water, and think of the difference we can make together, acting effectively, to help where the need is great.

iguacu is to become synonymous with the power and joy of effective giving. We are excited together to see our community grow. Join us today, we are iguacu.

What’s the difference in giving via iguacu rather than directly to a charity?

Many international charities today present an appeal for a crisis, and when you donate, you actually donate either entirely or partially to their global operations, or their operations elsewhere. Sometimes for very good reasons. However, at iguacu, your donation is restricted to the charity’s operations in the relevant crisis because this is where our network has identified their operations as being highly effective. You are also part of a growing community who wants to collectively channel large scale effective public action to where the need is truly great.

When was iguacu first established?

iguacu was established in 2014.

Tell me more about your expert network?

For every crisis we cover, we build an extensive network of strategic and on-the-ground experts who come from humanitarian non-governmental organizations, United Nations agencies, development agencies, private sector initiatives, academia, research institutes, community associations, local government and more, depending on the crisis. We speak to those best placed to know the changing realities on the ground, the major humanitarian challenges and which are the genuinely effective actors addressing at least one of these challenges. We take the time to draw from as many different perspectives as possible before getting to a recommendation. Though all our experts have demanding schedules, and are sometimes working in very challenging conditions, they take the time to speak with iguacu. Our entire network gives their time for no fee.

Who runs iguacu?

iguacu is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the US, governed by a Board in the USA and the United Kingdom, and benefits from the wide-ranging expertise of its Senior Advisors. It is structured and operates as a charity in the UK and is currently registering with the Charities Commission. The CEO is Katherine Davies, who founded iguacu in 2014. Visit the TEAM at the base of most of the pages on this site for full profiles.

Who funds iguacu?

An innovator in the humanitarian sector running on lean principles, iguacu is funded by philanthropists who support the mission, vision and governing principles of iguacu, and by the small fee from each donation. If you love what we do and wish to help financially support iguacu’s operations, or wish to consider mission partnership or corporate sponsorship, please get in touch with Katherine Davies at [email protected]

What does the iguacu fee pay for?

5% of your donation helps contribute to the cost of the extensive and rigorous research necessary to identify great charities in the world's most severe crises. Our world class research team do the legwork on behalf of the public who greatly value our independent, high quality, non-profit service.

Can I donate as a gift for others?

This service is currently being developed and will be introduced shortly.

How do I become a monthly donor?

You can select the Donate button in red at the top of any page on the website and select the monthly donation option.

What if I want to give more than £/$/€10,000

All levels of donors are welcome at iguacu. iguacu's depth of expertise can add great value to your giving when it comes to serious overseas crises. For higher value donations, please contact our Finance Manager via [email protected]

What happens to my monthly donation if your recommendation changes?

As we constantly monitor crises and charities, recommendations can change. All monthly donors receive advance notice of any changes. This aspect of iguacu’s service is highly valued by our donor community as they know we ensure their donation remains effective. For any questions re: donations please email [email protected]

My payment card information has changed, what do I do?

If your current card has expired and you have been issued a new card by your bank, with a new expiry date, then your donations should continue to be processed as normal. If Stripe (our payment processor), has a problem taking your payment you will receive an email letting you know and you can contact us on [email protected] to help your rectify any difficulty.

If you would like to change the card you use to make your donations, then at the moment, you will need to cancel your existing donation (by emailing [email protected]) and set-up a new donation with the new card. We are working on making this an easier process for you!

What if I want to stop my monthly donations?

If you have any problems or questions about iguacu’s service you can contact us at anytime on [email protected]. If you wish to stop your regular donation you can stop it at any time. Just email [email protected]. Emails received more than 7 business days before your payment being due will stop your payments with immediate effect. Notifications received closer to your payment due date will be processed for the following month.

What if I want to get a donation refunded?

We, in common with all registered non-profits with 501(c)(3) status, are constrained by law, which means that we are only able to refund a donation in certain rare, prescribed circumstances. If you believe that a donation you have made should be refunded, please contact us. If we have already transferred your payment onto the charity recommendation for the crisis you wish to support we can send you their information to talk to them directly.

We truly appreciate your donations and support and recognize that there may be an occasion when you need to speak to someone at iguacu about your donation. If so please contact us at [email protected] or via live chat on our website weareiguacu.org

What is the “Area of Greatest Need”?

When you choose ‘Area of Greatest Need’ you are choosing to give effectively to the crisis which our research has identified as being currently most in need of help. We assess the countries that we cover taking into consideration the severity of the crisis and the current level of funding/underfunding of the humanitarian response.

What are the transaction fees?

Our payment processor, Stripe, takes a small transaction fee, in common with most transactions you will do by card online.

If you’re donating in GBP or EUR that fee will be:

  • 20p plus 1.4% if you’re using a European card or 20p plus 2.9% if you’re using a non-European card.

If you’re donating in USD that fee will be:

  • 30c plus 2.2% if you’re using an American card or 30c plus 3.2% if you’re using non-American cards.

How can donors learn more about iguacu?

Please find us on:

How can the media obtain more information?

iguacu’s public relations agency is Warner Communications. The media contact is Dawn Ringel, Warner Communications, 781-449-8456 or [email protected].

My question is not answered here

Please don't hesitate to ask us any question you may have by sending an email to [email protected]. The team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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