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Welcome to iguacu

Mar 09, 2015
Welcome to iguacu

When there is human suffering in the world on a large scale, we may be shocked or disturbed, but something very positive happens. People all over the world react with compassion. Millions of people are moved and feel the desire to do something. This mass of compassion is truly a great and wonderful thing, and it is iguacu’s mission to honour it.

Many of us don’t act on these feelings. It’s not clear what to do, who to help, where to send support and whether it will really make a difference. Often the crisis is on the other side of the world in a culture we may know little about. Busy lives remind us of our own responsibilities, and we think of causes closer to home we support and know. We often let the intention go, we don’t act on it. Millions of us let it go. 

The question I asked myself was what if there was a place online where the global public could get great advice on how to help in the world where help is most needed? And iguacu was created. 

And the reaction has been amazing! A great many people have been very supportive in helping us get off the ground with no desire to influence what we do, or seek any acknowledgement. We feel part of a special journey. We can see the potential for this wonderful service to bring much good to the world, and we feel honoured to be a part of it. 

Thanks for visiting our new blog section and I look forward to connecting with you all here!

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