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Send your #message4peace to Geneva

Feb 16, 2016
Send your #message4peace to Geneva

One Sunday earlier this month I was sipping coffee over the New York Times, reading about Syria. All around me, in a London café, there were the sounds and sensations of plenty, and the easy chatter of a day at rest. But as we near yet another anniversary of the Syrian crisis, I just couldn't stomach it, I simply just couldn't stand it anymore. I couldn't stand reading about the starvation and the bombing and another collapse of the peace talks. And I couldn't stand to hear the critics of the efforts to find peace. I quite seriously wanted to walk out the door and walk to Geneva. Well... one thing led to another, and after some serious thought and planning with the iguacu team and community, I am now officially setting off on the day of the 5th anniversary of the Syrian crisis, March 15. It will be a journey of more than 600 miles. It will take at least 5 weeks. But there is something very special to share about this walk. Because this walk is about engaging the public voice. To enable as many people as possible to have the chance to express their desire for peace in Syria. We're inviting you to share your messages for peace which I'll take to Geneva and hand deliver to the head of the peace talks.

We just need to let people know 

When I explain the walk to people I meet, what keeps happening is that the person in front of me pauses, their face changes and for a moment they're silent. They then express with conviction and tenderness, their deeply felt support, and their desire to share their own message for peace. It is very inspiring! There are many people around the world with the same desire. They just need to learn about the opportunity.

The public can add pressure

For some time there have been and there remains serious efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis. Currently there is an attempt to establish a nationwide ceasefire and to allow access for aid. Yet, it remains a long fraught haul to securing an enduring peace. The public voice however, collectively expressed, has the potential to shift the dynamic. If enough people get involved and share their messages, to scale, we can together add pressure to the parties to the conflict to end the war. This is not taking sides. This endeavour is a chance for us all to stop and open our hearts and share our desire for the war to end, for the suffering of the Syrian people to end. To ring out loud and clear from around the world that an enduring peace must be urgently sought. That the world is watching. If we share our message and spread the word with our friends and colleagues we can make a real difference. I invite you to find a moment to stop, and reflect, and share your thoughts. Let's send a message to Geneva.

How can you send your message for peace?

  • Post message at www.message4peace.com
  • Tweet your message with #message4peace
  • Post it on Facebook with #message4peace
  •  Send it via post to our address:

iguacu 1-45 Durham Street London SE11 5JH United Kingdom

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