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Meet the Girls Supported by our Camfed Appeal

Aug 17, 2016
Meet the Girls Supported by our Camfed Appeal

Here at iguacu we are currently running a campaign to support 50 extraordinary girls from Zimbabwe. With Camfed’s support, these girls are able to sit their A Levels and get that much closer to achieving their dreams. When you educate a girl, you truly change the social fabric of a society. Not only do you give this individual girl the opportunity to better her life, to reach her goals, you also fundamentally change society. Half of society’s potential is unlocked, changing health outcomes, and over time, economic structures and political systems.

We thought you might enjoy meeting some of the inspiring girls currently being supported by Camfed.


Raised by her grandmother in the farming district of Hurungwe, Belinda is an only child. When she was young, the obstacles to her success seemed insurmountable. She often went hungry and struggled to keep up in class. She was did not doing well in her exams. Her grandmother struggled to pay her school fees and, eventually, one of her teachers paid the fees. But then the teacher was transferred away, leaving Belinda at risk of being expelled. 

That’s when Camfed found Belinda. In 2013, Camfed began providing the support she needed to succeed. She still travels 20 kilometers to and from school every day, but now Belinda has the resources and the community behind her to succeed. She now has her heart set on continuing her education. She says, “I wish to do Mathematics, Accounts and Computers at A level and take a BCom degree in Accounting at Chinhoyi University of Technology. I want to become an Auditor or Accountant.” 


Winnet too is from the Hurungwe District and also faced early obstacles. Her father died at a young age and her mother was hospitalized. Winnet was left in the care of her grandmother who struggled to provide for both her and her brother. Her mother, once she had regained her health, did her best to raise the funds for Winnet’s education through gardening work but fell short. She instead began to work at the school to get Winnet through primary school. In grade 7, Winnet was identified by community stakeholders as at risk of dropping out and Camfed began their wonderful support. 

Winnet dreams of being a lawyer, and hopes to continue on to university one day where she will gain the skills to help other vulnerable girls and families, like her own. Girls like Belinda and Winnet are the beneficiaries of Camfed’s programs. 

Girls who remain in education tend to marry later, invest in their children’s education, resist gender based violence and raise healthier families. Many are engaged in their wider communities. The head of Camfed Zimbabwe, Faith Nkala, was herself once supported by Camfed’s work. It’s truly a transformative investment and your donation can make all the difference. Donate here to support these deserving girls Photo Credit: Camfed

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