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The lights of peace, hope and freedom

Dec 19, 2016
The lights of peace, hope and freedom
Katherine Davies
CEO & Founder

Katherine has more than 25 years' experience working in charities and INGOs, international banking, policy and parliamentary research, strategic communications and development. Prior to completing her MSc in International Relations from the LSE, she was a newspaper journalist and a researcher at the Parliament of Australia.

For many, the festive season is in full swing and our streets and homes are dressed in coloured lights. In communal spaces, lighting spectacles can surprise and delight. Sometimes the simplest are the most touching such as a candle-lit pathway or table.

Preparing our homes, we signal to loved ones we may seldom see that this shared space has been made special to honor our time together. And we busy ourselves organising gifts.

Often at this time of sharing, our thoughts can turn to those in the world without our many blessings, those who right now are struggling to survive and protect their families, and who have nowhere to call home. As we attend to the giving for family and friends, we also want to give to people in difficulty whether we know them or not.

At iguacu, we investigate the world’s serious crises such as Syria and South Sudan, and identify effective charities on the ground addressing the key humanitarian challenges.

As Founder and CEO of iguacu, I am often speaking to members of the public about their desire to support people in great need. It is very inspiring to witness the great many who want to help and help effectively. I do not agree with the view that we suffer from “compassion fatigue”.

Rather I see a future where far fewer people in the world experience great suffering. At iguacu, we are on a different journey to the noise you may be used to hearing, and we welcome you to join us.

First, we are setting out to make it effortless for the public to give effectively to those caught in the middle of a war, natural disaster or other crisis. We will have a new platform in the Spring and much else is planned for the new year. Sign up for our brief monthly e-news to stay in touch with the iguacu community. And if you’re looking to give now, find out about our recommended charities via weareiguacu.org 

The lights of the holiday season remind me of the lights of peace, hope, freedom, love and the quality we all share to care for each other. We know we have the capacity to spread that light around the world and we are steadily going about making that happen.

The iguacu community wishes you all a joyful and heart-warming festive season.

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