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Meet iguacu’s new recommended charity in South Sudan

Apr 20, 2018
Meet iguacu’s new recommended charity in South Sudan
Blandine Sixdenier
Lead Researcher, Central Africa, Due Diligence Coordinator

Blandine holds a Masters in Conflict Studies from the LSE and a BA in Political Science from Université Laval. She formerly worked at the French Ministry of Defense and at Advention Business Partners. She speaks French and English.

Africa’s largest refugee crisis and the prospect of another famine in war-torn South Sudan have led to a serious humanitarian crisis. The needs are great and so are the dangers. But with the support of iguacu’s network, we’ve identified an exceptional charity supporting the South Sudanese people — the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). Take a moment today to show your support for people in great need and donate to iguacu’s South Sudan NRC appeal.

Elizabeth and Mary stand outside NRC’s youth center in Gordhim, South Sudan. | Photo Credit: Photo by David Belluz/NRC 2017


iguacu has been independently investigating the crisis in South Sudan, on behalf of the general public, to identify an organization that works effectively to improve life for some of the 7 million South Sudanese in need of aid and the 4 million displaced. The vast majority of displaced people are women and children.

Our network of experts on the ground come from international and national charities, academia, journalism, the public sector, civil society and the UN.
In a complex wide-ranging investigation, we assess the needs and scale of the humanitarian response and look for charities with a deep understanding of local conditions and who are working effectively in the heart of the crisis. Often they will demonstrate a longer-term focus in the way support is designed and delivered, and engage and employ local people. We consider the charity’s operational integrity, effectiveness and reputation over time. Once charities are shortlisted, we conduct a further due diligence analysis and scrutinize finances, accountability and transparency.

The rigor, depth and scope of the iguacu investigation ensures the public can give with confidence to support people who are critically in need.


In South Sudan, our network recommends the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), a humanitarian, non-governmental organization that has worked with displaced people in southern Sudan since 2004, providing education, shelter, counseling and legal assistance, as well as water, food and agricultural training.

NRC Education team leader Joseph Bol, assists a student in a YEP center in Gordhim, Aweil State, South Sudan. | Photo Credit: David Belluz/NRC 2017

iguacu’s network highly commended NRC’s effectiveness, capacity and adaptability in a changing and volatile environment.

NRC scaled up its operations when conflict broke out in 2013 to enhance the scope of its coverage and support the growing number of South Sudanese left extremely vulnerable, combining emergency aid and longer-term development. They are present on the frontline in South Sudan with over 250 members of staff, including 231 locals, operating in eight areas of the country.

Experts praised NRC’s capacity to intervene quickly with its mobile emergency teams deploying to areas of urgent concern and remote areas otherwise difficult to access. When famine was declared for several months, NRC’s food programs proved highly responsive to the need as it included the distribution of food rations and targeted more than 356,000 people. In total, NRC reached 647,722 South Sudanese people last year through all its programs.

Female students in NRC’s youth center can learn basic numeracy and literacy as well as vocational skills such as baking, carpentry, and agriculture. | Photo Credit: David Belluz/NRC 2017.

NRC was also commended for working both to tackle immediate needs and ensure people can build a future for themselves. One aspect of this work is its legal assistance programs which help settle conflicts over land — which are common — and support South Sudanese refugees in upholding their rights.

In one of the most difficult places in the world today, you can make a difference, supporting the great work of NRC with iguacu. It takes moments to donate here to iguacu’s restricted appeal, where you can also learn more about South Sudan and NRC’s work.

Learn more about the situation in South Sudan and our recommended charity's work at weareiguacu.org/south-sudan.

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