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iguacu - Part of a Balanced Life

Jun 29, 2015
iguacu - Part of a Balanced Life
Katherine Davies
CEO & Founder

Katherine has more than 25 years' experience working in charities and INGOs, international banking, policy and parliamentary research, strategic communications and development. Prior to completing her MSc in International Relations from the LSE, she was a newspaper journalist and a researcher at the Parliament of Australia.

I was taking a long walk with a friend who was clearly saddened by what she saw as public disinterest in the Syrian crisis. We talked about the countries iguacu covers and she was surprised by my positive attitude, curious as to how I remain so positive knowing what I know about large scale suffering in the world. I keep getting this question here in the US.

If I allow the contemplation of great suffering to weigh on my shoulders or in my mind it only harms my capacity to think clearly and to do my job well. I carry the memories with me no question. The peoples of the countries we cover are always with me but I am careful to ensure their situation only spurs me on and doesn't diminish my capacity to serve the iguacu mission. I strive to keep things in balance. I don't always succeed! but I do try. I see connecting with humanity, and playing my part in a balanced way - to help those in terrible circumstances and who have not had my start in life - as just part of being human, of living a balanced, connected life. It actually brings me joy, deep joy, makes me feel more alive, my life more meaningful and enriched. It's a joy I feel the urge to spread! Rather than feeling sadness as we watch the news and a sense of frustration that we cannot help the people of Syria, to feel instead the satisfaction that you actually can. To be able to act, to contribute, and then return to your day with a smile in your heart. This is the gift of iguacu. 

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