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Giving Effectively

Dec 01, 2015
Giving Effectively

Today’s Giving Tuesday. We stop in the midst of the festive season to give. At iguacu, we give effectively so if you care about your money being well spent you’re in the right place. Also if you’d rather give the gift of time we have a great choice for you as well. Let’s help make it to 50 Today our Giving Tuesday appeal focus (with 501c3 status) is on 50 extraordinary girls living in very deprived circumstances in rural Zimbabwe. With your gift they have the chance to finish school, sit final exams and receive the great blessing of an education, lifting up their families and communities in the process.

Educating a girl in sub Saharan Africa is one of the most effective ways to give back as the benefits are greatly compounded. Our network has only positive things to say about the work of Camfed, the long established field-based organisation that supports the girls. Act today and share this link with friends and help us reach the appeal target. Or give the gift of time. Do you give regularly to overseas causes?  The iguacu vision is to channel large scale effective action to where in the world it is in great need. To make the iguacu vision a reality, we need to develop a platform that people love, act on and share. Right now we are developing a new website in response to user feedback. But we need to make it sing for our users. This is where KIS comes in. ‘KIS’ means Key Iguacu Supporters, and the ‘KIS criteria’ are simply people who give to overseas causes regularly and who use the internet. They find a spare moment at their convenience to speak briefly with Francois, our KIS Coordinator, over Skype. Francois is also part of our research team and is connected to all things iguacu. KIS share one very important attribute: they can be brutally honest when it comes to giving feedback. We find they also share a common experience – they enjoy connecting with iguacu! Our KIS Community’s feedback is truly critical support in achieving the iguacu vision. Be part of the iguacu story and help us to achieve the iguacu vision. To join KIS, email [email protected] and simply let him know when is a good time for you to skype. Or share this message with someone you know who fits the KIS criteria and would enjoy connecting. Our warmest thanks to you for your support. Wishing everyone every happiness this holiday season.

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