A huge thank you to all our supporters! and all those who stand up for the world's most vulnerable people.

About Us

For 5 years to 2018, the non-profit innovator iguacu (igwah-soo) rigorously investigated serious humanitarian crises around the world, raising awareness of great suffering, and identifying exceptional charities the public could support with confidence. The mission of iguacu was to make it effortless for the public to give effectively to where the needs are great.

No longer active, you can read about iguacu's work via Medium, and via the Twitter, Youtube and Instagram archive.

iguacu developed a robust methodology for researching complex humanitarian crises and determining highly effective charities operating at their heart. Its work was supported by a worldwide network of more than 900 experts. The iguacu research and platform archive is maintained by the Founder and CEO, Katherine Davies